Chick Scott and Dario Travaini Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Arizona Flycasters Club has established a scholarship endowment with the Northern Arizona University Biological Sciences Department.  The intention of this endowment is to assist students who as graduates will enter into the workforce as professional biologists and have a positive impact on fields such as conservation , fisheries and wildlife management along with environmental improvement.

Northern Arizona University was chosen as the educational institution due to its quality  programs that support fishery biology and related sciences.

The endowment has been named after two outstanding past members of the club. Eugene “Chick” Scott was a master educator in the art of fly tying and taught hundreds of people over the years in the art of fly tying.  Dario Travaini’s name was added to the title of the endowment due to his outstanding contributions to the club and his efforts in education.

This fund shall be used to provide scholarships to support students who have a passion for biology as it relates to fish management, fisheries, or aquatic biology and conservation.  Academic criteria has been established and students must meet this criteria.

Arizona Flycasters Club encourages its members to take part in this important endeavor and make a donation to the fund.  Arizona Flycasters Club as well as Northern Arizona University are 501(c)3 organizations under the Federal Tax Law and all contributions are tax deductible.

Simply click the link below to start the process.


All contributors will be provided with a letter acknowledging their contributions that can be used for their tax files.

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