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President's Message

Craig Mernitz, AFC President

"60 Years of Engagement"

Dear AFC Members,

I'm honored to serve as current President of the Arizona Flycasters Club. A club which has been active for 60 years.

Having been a member of AFC for 20 years, it is still a great reward to keep learning the art of fly fishing. It definitely never stops.

The possibilities are endless: attending fly casting classes, going on day trips with fellow AFC members to check out a new stream, and just thinking about fly fishing on a daily basis.

The theme for this 60th year is to engage you - our members - by:

  • Encouraging you to go fishing anywhere, anytime.

  • Offering education classes and guidance in fly casting, rigging, knot tying, fly selection, where to fish, and reading water so you are comfortable on your next fishing adventure.

  • Asking you attend the AFC events, outings, monthly meetings and give back by volunteering some of your support and interest.

  • By being engaged you can turn fly fishing into a passion.

Why not take a fly rod on your next vacation trip and see if there is an opportunity to experience a great outdoor adventure?

REMEMBER - AFC's goal for each member is to just go fly fishing!



Arizona Flycasters Club is proud to present to AVFF (Arizona Veterans Fly Fishing) a check for $1000 to further benefit the veterans on their fly fishing program. Pictured representing AVFF is Fleger Robinson. Receiving the appreciation plaque is Bill Larson from AFC. Arizona Flycasters Club is celebrating its 60th year as a non-profit organization. Giving back to the community by promoting fly fishing, offering programs, education, outings, conservation and community service. 


Click this link to purchase;

Monthly Meetings


Arizona Flycasters Club holds monthly meetings the second Tuesday of the month. The meetings are held at the American-Italian Club located at 7509 N 12th St, Phoenix, AZ. We start at 6:00 PM with a social hour and raffle offerings. This is followed by a club update and then a speaker. Meetings usually end at 8:30 or 9:00.

About once a quarter AFC will hold a new member orientation which starts at 6:00 and coincides with the monthly meeting. Occasionally we will just have a Happy Hour at a different location. These events are announced in advance in the Newsletter and on our web site.

Meeting Map


New Zealand Mud Snails have now been found in Tonto Creek, Canyon Creek, Oak Creek and Lee's Ferry. 


The New Zealand mud snail is an invasive snail that is ovoviviparous (live bearing) and parthenogenetic (reproduces asexually). Therefore, it only takes one snail to start a new population. The snails are very small and can easily be tracked to other areas with waders and shoes.
New Zealand mud snails are a concern because they compete with native invertebrates for food, posing potential harm to Arizona’s native and sportfish populations, as well as native mollusks. AZGFD reminds anglers and recreationists to “clean, drain and dry” – and especially decontaminate — their equipment or watercraft before exiting waters designated as having AIS.
The following link will take you to a report prepared by the California Department of Game and Fish on the best practices to clean NZ mud snails from your gear:
It is imperative that you do not fish different waterways without this cleaning process.
These little devils are nasty. They have a thick shell and a opercula (trap door the can cover the opening). This allows them to survive most decontaminates and pass through the digestive system of fish. They can survive for weeks out of water. There have no known predators or diseases beyond New Zealand.  Most of the cleaning methods in the report are harmful to our waders. 

The best method is Copper Sulfate (504 mg/L Cu). Five minutes of contact immersion, spray or shaken in a plastic sack. The Copper Sulfate reportedly will not harm your waders.

Flycasting Class (edited)

Education Opportunities

Fly casting and fly tying classes are provided to all, whether beginning or experienced. FFI certified instructors and experienced coaches are available to work with your casting or fly tying. AFC can provide all equipment and materials. Please bring a 5 or 6 weight 9 foot fly rod with floating line and a 7 1/2 foot tapered leader to the casting class if you have one. For your safety bring a hat, sunglasses and water.

Fly tying classes are held at the Arizona American Italian club in the game room behind the bar. Classes start at 7PM.

Additional classes are offered on knots, rigging, entomology, still water, moving water, how to play the fish, equipment, etc. Everything that you need to improve your fishing enjoyment.

October  -  San Juan River Fishing


November  - Lake Pleasant/Castle Creek

Warm water fishing from shore, kayak, boat, pontoon, or float tube.
Or just socializing with others. 
This is a friends, family and kids, event.
Lunch will be provided by the Outings Committee.
Please bring your own beverage and register so that we can plan the food.
Experienced fly fishers will be available to coach, educate, swap stories, and tell outright lies.
Look for the AFC "feather flag" and the blue Jeep. Maricopa County charges a fee to enter the park.
This outing is now open for registration.

Business Partners

Fisheads San Juan River Lodge
Az Fly Shop
Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond

Community Affiliations

Az Game and Fish Department
AZ Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation
Fly Fishers International
Trout Unlimited
Arizona Veterans Fly Fishing
Northern Arizona University
Official Address
PO Box 47357
Phoenix, AZ 85068
United States of America

AFC is a Federal 501(c)3 non-profit, educational entity
incorporated under the laws of Arizona.