Arizona Flycasters Club is dedicated to promoting and educating all members interested in the arts, crafts, and science of fly fishing. To meet this goal, we regularly conduct educational programs for the beginner as well as seasoned fly fishers

One of our club’s principal goals is to build skills across our membership, especially to those just getting started.  If you like fly fishing, or want to learn about fly fishing, you’re at the right place. Our Club features many educational opportunities for both novice and experienced fly fishers.  Fly casting, fly tying, and rod building classes are some of the opportunities available to our members.

In the planning stage is a series of structured fly-casting skills’ workshops for intermediate and skilled fly casters that will teach casting in different ways  to increase distance, accuracy and overcoming varied obstacles. The purpose is to improve your casting skills so that you increase your chances of catching more fish.  AFC will always have scheduled fly-casting instruction for beginning fly casters.

Fly tying workshops are held in the spring and in the fall.  There are 8-9 classes in each session. A specific fly will be  demonstrated, and all attendees will have the opportunity to tie the fly.  Bring your own fly-tying vise and tools or the club will have the equipment available  for you to use.  AFC provides all the fly-tying material needed to tie the fly.  There is no charge for the session, supplies, or equipment.

Additional education classes will be held throughout the year. Some examples are pre-trip planning sessions and knot tying classes.

Mentors and instructors are a critical component of AFC’s education program’s success. 

I welcome you to join the education committee.  Please contact me if you would like more information on becoming an instructor/mentor for our education programs.

David Mayl
Education Director

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